Hi my name is Danielle Robertson A.K.A Dannibelle and welcome to my website! I’m a 22 year old law student and lifestyle blogger from Queensland, Australia. Growing up I was an Australian national youth track and field athlete and have been involved in sport and athletics for over a decade. Naturally my love for fitness has inspired my creation of health and lifestyle social media content and I somehow became a part of an incredible and supportive community of passionate individuals. I have recently completed my Bachelor of Justice (Criminology) and have begun working in the fitness industry (whilst still studying law). The demand from my social media encouraged me to further my education and become qualified in Fitness. I chose to put in the work, become more involved in the fitness industry and gain my qualifications to help those who have reached out to me for help and advice.


I want to thank you for putting me in this position. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to better myself, to put my knowledge and experience to use and give back. Your support has given me the ability to offer support to others. So enough about me, I have told my story – my history of training and competing in athletics and my stumble into the world of social media but the reality is, you have been building this story with me.


I want to use my “About me” as a dedication to those who have supported me over the years. I want to thank you. Thank you for your belief in me, thank you for encouraging me to better myself, thank you for even taking the time to read this. I’m not writing this to flatter, but rather, I want to use these words as a small attempt to honour you all and I want to use my actions as an attempt support you right back. Here’s the thing, I’m dedicating my about me to you because the reality is, my story was once written with you, then about you and now it’s for you. Welcome to the squad.