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Our Story

Not just another activewear brand. What makes DBA so special? Well this activewear wasn't just created for you, it was created with you. The launch of DBA has been years in the making and we've made sure to share every step of this journey. From countless samples, alterations, failures and triumphs we are so proud to be able to finally share DBA with you. So here's to everyone who has supported us from our humble beginnings, we couldn't have done it without you. We want you to wear your DB Active with pride, flaunt it like the boss babe you are. Make DBA a part of your fitness journey. Keep working hard, keep making yourself proud, we'll handle the rest.

Good things take time, better things take patience, work and the unwavering support of Squad DB.

DB Active, get amongst it.


"Wow Girl, you have absolutely nailed your goal. You have created the most incredible tights EVER! I have already worn them to work, uni and the gym and they couldn't be more perfect. The comfort is next level & I feel so great in them! I own a million pairs of leggings from heaps of brands, but DB Active has now won my heart (and booty) FOREVER. Appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this brand - I'm a very very happy customer." - Annelise

"Absolutely killed it on the tights girl! Never trained in something so comfy before. They held up strong through a brutal leg session. Congrats on the launch, so keen to see this brand grow and succeed." - Taylor

"Soooo I just got my leggings in the mail and tried them on as soon a they hit the door! They feel amazingggg. I will definitelt be buying more that's for sure!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for the future! Thank you." - Kels

"Okay, so I just wanted to say I've been following DBA the whole way and I was so excited to finally get my hands on these tights and I am SO impressed. They're so soft and comfortable. I never noticed in the photos but I love that there's no seam down the outside of the leg! I was worried getting the red, they might be see-through, but I have tattoos on my legs and even when I try and stretch them out, you still can't see even the outline. Oh and the colour is diviiine. So thank you for putting so much into making an incredible product. I hope DBA is a long and successful venture for you, and I'm so happy to support you (and have these incredible tights too!) xx" - Grace

"Hot damn! I just received my leggings and they would have to be the most comfortable leggings I've ever bought (and I've got a lot!). The material is next level! Well done." - Jen