Glute building is a hot topic in the fitness industry and with so much information out there it’s hard to determine what actually matters - and delivers the results when it comes to building your booty. 


So think of this as a simplified guide to grow those glorious glutes:


1. Follow a well structured program 

Your glutes are your largest muscle and need to be challenged in order to grow. This means that you want to be following a program that incorporates progressive overload, meaning your workouts will get progressively more challenging over time. Most commonly, progressively overload is achieved by increasing weight/resistance but can also be achieved by increasing reps, sets, frequency of training, time under tension etc. Ideally you want to be performing the same workouts each week for a least 4 weeks before changing up your programming - wait a second… this is how our Dat Booty program is structured - isn’t that convenient. 


2. Be consistent 

Good things take time. Glorious glutes take time - it is just the way it is. You need to be patient and consistent with your training to reap the rewards of - that ass. Dat Booty is a long term training program - isn’t that convenient. 


3. Fuel that booty

You need to make sure you’re eating sufficient protein and calories to support those gains. To see results more quickly - you should be in a calorie surplus but can also achieve booty building results at maintenance level calories - it will just take more time. You need to make sure you’re eating sufficient protein - as a general guide you should be aiming to hit between 1.5 - 2.2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. Our app includes access to over 500 recipes and the ability to track your meals in-app - isn’t that convenient. 


4. Rest

Don’t overdo it. Your muscles need time to rest, rebuild and recover. It can be tempting to make EERRYDAY LEG DAY but make sure you allow yourself rest days to lower the risk of injury and overtraining which will hinder your results. The Dat Booty program has scheduled rest days - isn’t that convenient 

If you haven’t caught on - you can join our Dat Booty program and let us guide you on your glute building journey. The program is available in gym, dumbbell and bodyweight program options - isn’t that convenient 



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