Nationals Jacket

Nationals Jacket

Motivation comes in many forms. For me, it was a jacket.

It seems like ever since I remember or for what time actually counts, I have been in some way involved in sport and athletics. I have honestly taken my lifestyle for granted because of this. Growing up with athletics being such a large part of my life it only stood to reason that eating well and exercising became a part of who I am today.

It was a love/hate relationship. I was young and unlike many, I was not driven solely by achieving the dizzy heights of being number 1 in my chosen field. My desire, my goal was to be a part of the team, the big league… to get the jacket. To be seen wearing the fashion which identified you as one of the elite, yep even then it was about the fashion on the field. I started small, making the team, wearing the school touch football jersey, the rep netball team dress, the state athletics jacket. My ultimate goal was finally realised when I adorned the national athletics uniform. Yes, I purchased every item available from track pants to key rings but the jacket was the pinnacle of my sporting success.

My desire to have the jacket had nothing to do with the material item. My adolescent self placed an importance on it as a representation of my hard work and ultimate success. I treated the jacket as a symbol of my dedication to athletics and it inherited a meaning that transcended the object itself. It was more than a jacket; at the beginning of my athletics career it was my motivation and at the end, it was my trophy.

I guess the point behind this story is; you don’t have to be driven by someone else’s goal. Find what it is that makes you want to achieve, that makes you want to win, find what it is that motivates you and accomplish your goals, get your “national jacket” wear it with pride, strut your stuff and know that you have earned it.

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