These are my top 5 favourite core exercises to tone and define your abdominal muscles.

Add these Ab Finishers to the end of your workouts to feel the burnnnn!

V-Sit Bicycles

1. Begin in a V-Sit hold position with arms parallel to the ground.

2. Alternate your legs in a bicycle motion.

3. Repeat this movement for the designated number of reps.


Single Leg Extension

1. Lay on the ground and ensure your lower back is flat, limiting the arch, to keep the load on your abdominals not your hip flexors.

2. Place arms flat on the floor straight by your side.

3. Tuck your knees to chest and keep legs at a 90 degree angle.

4. With control movement lower and extend one leg parallel to the ground, pause and slowly return to tuck.

5. Alternate legs and repeat this movement for the designated number of reps.


1. Start with your forearms flat on the floor, your body parallel to the ground and resting on the balls of your feet.

2. Brace your core and hold this position for the duration of the exercise.

3. Ensure you keep your body parallel to the ground, and do not allow your hips to drop or rise as you fatigue.


1. Begin by laying on the floor.

2. Lift head and shoulders slightly off the floor without straining your neck.

3. Make sure your core in engaged.

4.Kick your legs in an alternating pattern.


Russian Twists

1. Start in a seated position with your knees bent and feet slightly off the floor.

2. Hold your body in a V shape and clasp your hands together.

3. Whilst maintaining a strong core and looking forward, bring both your hands to your left side, just above the ground.

4. Move your hands back over your body to the right side just above the ground.

5. Repeat this movement for the designated number of reps.



*Does 1 set, checks to see if we have washboard abs yet*


Team DB x


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