Life can be a little crazy sometimes and with the blessing (or the curse) of living in the age of technology sometimes it can be hard to switch off.

Here are some of our top tips to help you switch off an unwind:


Create a Bedtime Routine

By creating a pre bed routine you are subconsciously telling your brain you are winding down. If you continue to follow your bedtime routine each evening your brain will recognize the pattern and start to let itself relax.

This is an example of a pre bed routine. You can customize one that works for you - the idea is to follow a pattern of repetition.

Pre Bed Routine:

Make a herbal tea

Light a candle in your bedroom

Have a shower

Listen to a 5 min meditation


Switch your phone to Night Shift

Phones and tablets can mess with your sleep as the blue light that comes from your device signals your brain to wake up.

By setting your phone to Night Shift it will take away the blue light allowing your brain to to go back to your natural circadian rhythms and help you fall asleep faster and deeper. Have your night shift mode set for earlier in the evening. This will ensure by the time you are ready to wind down you would have had a few hours without the blue light.


Listen to a Guided Sleep Meditation

Guided Sleep Meditations help to calm your mind and turn off the chatter as they focus your thoughts on relaxing the body and your breath.

There are many great (and free) Meditation Apps available on your Smartphone. Download a meditation App to your phone and try it tonight!

Meditation Apps:

Calm (Strong recommend Stephen Frey’s Lullabies)

Insight Timer




By jotting down your thoughts it can help put things into perspective and clear your mind. It can be as simple as writing a positive affirmation or reflecting on your day. Grab yourself a 365 journal to give this a try!


Team DB x







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