Gym Tips for Beginners

Gym Tips for Beginners

Just starting out in the gym and feeling nervous? We know that it can seem like a  daunting experience so we have put together a list of tips for you to make you feel more confident and comfortable at the gym. 

 1. Have a Tour of the Gym

When you sign up to your chosen gym, the staff should give you an introduction – which will help you to establish the layout of the gym, what equipment is on offer and a brief explanation on using the equipment. If you don’t get this information or the information given is not elaborate enough, ask the staff member for more help – generally they will be more than happy to assist. 

 2. Go to the gym when it is quiet 

Going to the gym for the first few times at a time you know will be quiet is a great way to get a feel for the gym and make yourself comfortable when attending in the busier time.

3. Have a plan

If you are nervous about going to the gym – plan out your workout before you get to the gym. If you are nervous to move around the gym, base your workout around one station/section of the gym.

4. Don’t worry about other people

Everyone is thinking about themselves and what they are doing – not focusing on what you are doing. So don’t feel nervous about people watching you, because they are all thinking the same thing.

5. Sign up with a friend

Exercising with a friend is always more enjoyable. If you sign up to the gym with a friend this will hopefully make you feel more confident in the gym and motivate you to meet your goals.

6. Join a class

If your gym offers classes, this could be a fun way to get to know people who also attend your gym and an easy way to get a workout in that you don’t have to plan yourself.

7. Follow a program

Our workout programs provide guided workouts with bodyweight, dumbbell or gym equipment options – based on your preference. You also have access to videos showing exactly how to do each exercise so you will feel more confident in executing these exercises yourself. Just remember - if you don’t feel comfortable trying something out alone, ask someone to give you a hand. 

I hope these tips helped - no need to worry, you will be confident in the gym in no time! Everyone starts somewhere. 

Danni xx


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