Go-to snacks (under 200 calories)

Go-to snacks (under 200 calories)
Looking for some new snack ideas that fit your calories and fitness goals?
We got you with our fav go-to snacks (under 200 calories)!

Apple w Peanut Butter 196 Calories
1 Medium Apple + 20grams Peanut Butter

Popcorn 190 Calories
40grams Sea Salt Popcorn

Celery & Carrot Sticks w Hummus 166 Calories
2 Medium Celery Sticks + 2 Medium Carrots + 75grams Hummus

Natural Yoghurt w Strawberries 199 Calories
70grams Natural Yoghurt + 1 Cup Strawberries

English Muffin w Egg & Tomato 199 Calories
1 English Muffin + 1 Soft Boiled Egg + ½ Small Tomato

Tuna on Cruskits w Cottage Cheese 197 Calories
1 x Can of Tuna + 2 Cruskits Light + 25grams Cottage Cheese

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