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My Transformation - Taking Back the Power

It’s no secret that perception of the “ideal body” has changed over time and with the influence of social media, but what exactly is considered the “ideal body”? Let’s delve into this: So what prompted this blog post and the transformation rampage I am about to unleash? Well, I found an old camera SD card with photos from 2015. I saw a dramatic difference in my body shape over the last couple of years. My first thought was: What was I thinking?  Followed closely by: Why would I do that to myself? (excessive dieting, restricted exercise) And finally: Oh yeah, now I remember, that’s when I aimed to please everyone and make everyone happy … except myself. This was when I was impressionable… and modelling....

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Nationals Jacket

Motivation comes in many forms. For me, it was a jacket. It seems like ever since I remember or for what time actually counts, I have been in some way involved in sport and athletics. I have honestly taken my lifestyle for granted because of this. Growing up with athletics being such a large part of my life it only stood to reason that eating well and exercising became a part of who I am today. It was a love/hate relationship. I was young and unlike many, I was not driven solely by achieving the dizzy heights of being number 1 in my chosen field. My desire, my goal was to be a part of the team, the big league…...

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