Top tips for building a booty at home

Top tips for building a booty at home
It doesn't take a gym to build a booty!
Add these booty building tips to your home workout routine and get ready to create some glorious (home grown) glutes.
You may be working out at home but incorporating dumbbells or a booty band (glute loop) to your workouts is a game changer!
Adding resistance not only puts additional load on your muscles making your workouts more challenging, it is a form of progressive overload as it is forcing your muscle to adapt to tension that is more than what has been previously experienced, this in turn leads to muscle development and growth.
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In order to build muscle, you need to perform strength workouts following the principle of progressive overload.
Progressive Overload involves gradually increasing the stress put on the body via exercise. This doesn't mean you need to run out to the shops and buy 50 sets of dumbbell weights - although your home gym would be pretty next level! Progressive overload can be achieved by increasing the difficulty of the workout through repetitions, frequency or load overtime as you adapt to the stimulus.

Following a structured program will not only assist in keeping you motivated but it can help keep you accountable.
For best results when selecting a workout program ensure it follows the principle of progressive overload.
Working out at home can come with a range of distractions. Setting a daily schedule or time frame for your workouts will not only help to minimise household distractions but will assist in keeping you committed and accountable.
Dedicate a space in your home where you can workout. Not only is it more convenient to have all your equipment in one location, by entering your designated fitness space it can help you mentally prepare for a workout.
Top Tip: Create a fun workout playlist and listen to that whilst you workout!
Although you may be working out from the comfort of your living room, you should still give maximum effort to your workout. Ensure you are pushing yourself to workout to the timer or complete that final rep.
Remember it’s YOU VS YOU.

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