6 weeks to a

Lean, Toned & Fit Body


Transform You is a 6 week HIIT focused program designed to help you lose fat, improve your fitness and build a lean and toned body.

Quick & effective workouts between 20 - 40 minutes

Equipment Required:

2 x Sets of Dumbbells
Resistance Band / Booty Band




6 week structured training program
(3 x 2 week training blocks)

Ability to track resistance & performance in-app

Keep record of personal bests

Connectivity to wearable devices


Access to over 500 recipes

Ability to track meals in-app

Connectivity to MyFitnessPal

Simplified photo-food journalling

Ability to add your own meals & recipes


In-app messaging with your trainer

Habit tracking to help you create a healthy lifestyle

Exercise demonstration videos & instructions

Here’s what our clients have to say...

I’m so happy with my results! The program was so easy to follow, they come with workouts, video tutorials on each exercise to make sure you’re doing the correct form. You can do the exercises at home or in the gym. I am so happy with my transformation!

Kayla B

I am honestly in one of the best places I’ve ever been mentally. I had done a bikini show pageant sort of competition prior to this and had really been focusing on fat loss and the number on the scale. After that show I went a bit off the rails and gained a bit (more than I’d have liked) of fat back. I was sad that I felt like I’d “undone” all my hard work. Honestly now I haven’t even weighed myself and I’m not going to because I literally do not care. I feel the best about my body I have in a long time and honestly feel super strong! . . .

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- Julianna H

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday: HIIT Cardio

Tuesday: Full Body Strength Circuit

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Cardio & Core

Friday: Full Body Strength Challenge

Saturday: Full Body HIIT Circuits

Sunday: Rest

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