8 weeks to a

Full Body Transformation


Sculpt You is a structured program which incorporates progressive overload to help you build a strong, lean & toned body.

Whether you like to train at the gym, with dumbbells or prefer home workouts - we’ve got you covered




8 week structured training program
(2 x 4 week training blocks)

Ability to track resistance & performance in-app

Keep record of personal bests

Connectivity to wearable devices


Access to over 500 recipes

Ability to track meals in-app

Connectivity to MyFitnessPal

Simplified photo-food journalling

Ability to add your own meals & recipes


In-app messaging with your trainer

Habit tracking to help you create a healthy lifestyle

Exercise demonstration videos & instructions

Here’s what our clients have to say...

I’m so happy with my results! The program was so easy to follow, they come with workouts, video tutorials on each exercise to make sure you’re doing the correct form. You can do the exercises at home or in the gym. I am so happy with my transformation!

Kayla B

Your website has changed my life honestly. I love that it tracks everything in the app and shows your last personal best when you’re doing a new workout. I use to use paper to track and honestly it was just a lot of work. I also really appreciate that I’m able to message you any time I have questions and you’re always quick to respond!

- Abigail P

I've been doing your programs for years and can't get enough! Thank you for always keeping me motivated and for helping me achieve my fitness goals. I'm feeling so much for confident now and I'm so proud of my results!

- Madison D

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday: Lower Body

Tuesday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Lower Body

Friday: Upper Body

Saturday: Full body or HIIT

Sunday: Rest

Choose Your Program

Gym Program

Dumbbell Program

Bodyweight Program

Equipment Required


Gym Machines


Booty Band


2 x Sets of Dumbbells

Booty Band


Booty Band

Long Resistance Band

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